The Lions of Al Rassan is one of the most beautiful things I have read – A treatise on Friendship’s ability to surmount difference – and the tragedy that lies in circumstance driving soul mates apart. Perfect writing and heartbreachingly sad. This post definitely captures the heart of the book.

Angga Kho


And now the lesser beasts gather

This novel took place in the “peninsula”, based on medieval Spain. Though it is a ‘fantasy’ novel, do not expect Tolkien’s type of fantasy with elves, orcs, dwarves or magic. It did, however, have plenty of bad-ass warriors, clever tacticians, charismatic kings, seductress, battles, heroism; the usual recipe of a fantasy novel. But at its heart, “The Lion of Al-Rassan” is a story about how friendship and love can transcend deep-rooted hatred and mistrust, even in the world that was actively prevent them from doing so.

There were three different faiths in the peninsula: Ashar, Jad, and Kindath. The majority of Al-Rassan people was of the Ashar faith, who worshipped the stars of Ashar. While the three kingdoms of Esperana to the north was of the Jaddite, worshippers of the Sun God, Jad. The Kindath, however, was the wanderer, like the two moons that…

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