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I always thought Award Season was Late Winter – but you know, real awards come when you least expect, are given freely and with Grace and are given to encourage, support and edify.

First things first, I wouldn’t be here accepting/passing on this “Pay it Forward” of appreciation if it wasn’t for Red Setter Christian who nominated me in the first place. The guy is one of my heroes, it’s as simple as that. Thanks big guy, keep writing, keep pointing, and keep barking! 😀

I also find it rather serendipitous that the name of the award is Liebster a German word related to Liebling – it doesn’t really have a perfect equivalent in English but is closest to Beloved – In Welsh it would be Cariad – a Word very close to my heart, as is the person whom I call it. My Cariad is my muse and I would find it difficult to write if not for the inspiration of this amazing human being. So thanks to You Cariad for bringing the words back for me and the music.

According to “the rules” I’ve now got to nominate my own list of 10 (some rules say 11, but I might not even make the 10 mark – I like what I like and my admiration is reserved for an elite few…) answer some groovy questions set by RSC and then set my own for my nominees to answer. Seems simple enough…and though I might appear to be a rebel on the one hand, I’m also a rule keeper – two contrasting strands of my soul in an eternal struggle for the upper hand which often makes for some interesting temper tantrums. Ye, you knew I was weird all along, didn’t you? 🙂

Well My list of nominees? First off, RSC stole 2 of my most favourite Bloggers

Reluctant Xian and This Fragile Tent – but my not keeping to the rules is winning right now, So I’m renominating them.

Theologygrams is one of the cleverest and most insightful blogs out there and really appeals to my visual side

Pause, Ponder, Prepare is an inspiring blog from a brilliant lady who has gone a little quiet recently – maybe a nomination will get her writing again? 🙂

The Beautiful Due – is just beautiful.

Because I still have a heart for education and teachers this one  – Scenes from the battleground.

Because I’m interested in Different voices The Catbox

Find time to visit each of these if you can – great writing all round.

And so to RSC’s Questions –

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen? A Child standing up to a bully.

Who is your favourite comedian, and why?  Toughie this, because I really love a few – but I think overall, for laughability, brilliance, storytelling, being oddly sexy and determination it has to be Eddie Izzard. He’s silly in such a clever way – and that’s one of the big reasons I love him, unlike so many “comedians” his comedy is not a celebration of stupidity but of Intelligence – and he likes a lot of the same movies I do.

If you could nominate a current/recent TV show as a future classic, which one would you pick, and why? My heart wants to say Marvel’s Agents of Shield or Once Upon a Time. But actually gonna say Castle – It’s the moonlighting of the current day – and look what a star Bruce Willis became. I’d watch it for Nathan Fillion alone, but his gorgeous co-star, Stana Katic, brings strength and vulnerability together – like the greatest of Female heros (Buffy Summers, Sidney Bristow) and they are Funny! Great show!

Politicians or Lawyers.  Who do you mistrust more? Oh my….you don’t pull your punches do you – Lawyers by a whisker.

Censorship – a good idea, or not? I actually go round and round on this one….and depending on how pissed off I am with the Daily mail on any given day is usually which side I come down on. But at the end of the day, I would not allow censorship because all voices need to be heard, and I want to ensure the Mail and the Sun and the Mirror say what they want cos it’s the only way i get to guarantee that The Independent and The Guardian and you and me get to say what we want. So…Not.

What’s the best thing about where you live? Only 1?!! Nope here’s the list – At least 3 cinemas nearby, close to the great theatres of Liverpool and Manchester, Great combination of town and country – right across the road from country park – adventures ahoy for little great nephews.

Which book do you find yourself returning to the most, and what is it that keeps you coming back? The Lions of Al Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay – really beautiful book – most of his books are emotional and will make you cry at least thrice. This is about heroes, cultures clashing, the greatness of true friendship, love, intolerance, the failure of religion – the characters are charismatic and like old friends. And even knowing the ending, it makes me cry every single time.

Cats or Dogs? I’m really a person who has the character of a dog (loyal to the point of stupidity) who loves being around cats and catlike people. Your typical Masochist.

What has surprised you most (in a good/pleasant/not jumping out at you in a terrifying manner way) this week, and why? My Younger Great Nephew Luke beginning to prove that he’s closer to being a genius than anyone else in my family – maybe even me… and that’s saying something. Surprisingly proud of the little scamp.

In the event of ‘First Contact’ with an alien race (who would, obviously speak perfect English like they do in outer space!) – which living person would you pick as our best representative? Malala Yousefzai – or Joss Whedon.

liebster 2

And now for my questions –

What would be the underlying theme I would write about in the film of the story of your life?

What is your earliest memory?

If you could buy joy in a pill, who would you buy it for?

Your most memorable holiday?

Is it possible to go through life without at least one nemesis? Do you have one?

Home or Away? Why?

What’s your Myers-Briggs Personality Type and how accurately does the “type” fit you?

If you could give 2 people immortality (one famous, one not) who would it be and why?

Marvel or DC?

If you went to Hogwarts and joined Dumbledore’s army, what would be your Patronus?